Thursday, October 7, 2010

SharePoint 2010 - Architecture

SharePoint Foundation
  • Included with Windows server
  • features include
    • list
    • document library
    • blogs
    • wiki
    • RSS
    • alerts
  • interface with Workflow Foundation
  • accessible through object model, api, and web services
SharePoint Server 2010
  • offers additional  collaboration capabilities
  • better aggregation of content
  • SharePoint Foundation is installed with SharePoint Server 2010
  • Standard
    • social
    • search
    • content management
  • Enterprise
    • business intelligence
    • line o business integration
    • reporting
Search Server 2010
  • Provide full scale enterprise search to SharePoint Foundations
Search Server 2010 Express
  • free from Microsoft
  • add content sources
    • file shares
    • other sharepoint sites
    • web sites
    • exchange public folders
    • cannot be configured for high availability
Windows Server
  • requires 64-bit
  • server 2009 SP2 or 2008 R2
  • cannot be installed on
    • Server Core
    • Web Edition
  • needs to be included as a member of an Active Directory Domain
    • does not support local accounts for farm deployment
  • let the SharePoint install wizard install and configure additional software and services
Windows Vista and 7
  • for development purpose can be instaleed on 64-bit editions
  • Vists SP1
    • business
    • enterprise
    • ultimate
  • Windows 7
    • professional
    • enterprise
    • ultimate
SQL Server
  • requires 64-bit
  • SQL 2005 SP1
  • SQL 2008 SP1
  • SQL 2008 R2
Email Server
  • smtp server need to allow anonymous relay from SharePoint
  • cannot be configured to autenicate
Incoming Email
  • route email to list or library
Configure Incoming email
  1. install and configure smtp service
  2. configure to accept email for a domain for example
  3. configure MX record for domain in DNS
  4. from Central Admin, enable incomeing email and specify domain

SMS Service
  • send alerts to sms
  • scope at farm or web application level
  • need to provide URL to SMS sending service
Hardware Recommendations

Moss 2007: 2core /3Ghz, 2G ram
Server 2010: 4 core / 2.5ghz, 8G ram

Web Servers
  • refered to a web front end (wfe)
  • responsible for rendering the page
  • normally not too high of cpu load
  • do use substancial amount of ram for caching and processing
Application Server
  • Query server - responding to search requests
    • large index requires cpu and memory
    • requires local optimize storage for teh query file
  • Index Server - also referred to a crawl server
    • does not store any information locally, so no storage requirements
    • additional cpu capacity for large environments
SQL Server
  • the main bottleneck in sharepoint farms is sql performance
  • 8G min and 16G to 32G
  • disk configuration is important for performance
  • store mdf and ldf on different disk. log file optimized for write
  • optimize as follows
    • tempdb
    • search db
    • content db
see planning and sizing dsql deployment

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