Thursday, January 1, 2015

Online (Cloud) Accounting Prices

Kashoo Business edition - Annual (USD): $199.99 per year
Kashoo Solo edition - Annual (USD): $49.99 per year
Kashoo Business edition - Monthly (USD):$19.99 per month
Kashoo Solo edition - Monthly (USD):$4.99 per month

Sage One Accounting Standard : $14.00 per month

Seedling: $19.95 per month
Evergreen: $29.95 per month
Mighty Oak: $39.95 per month

Intuit QuickBooks
Simple: $9.99 per month
Essential: $19.99 per month
Plus: 29.99 per month

Starter: $9.00 per month
Standard: $30 .00 per month
Premeuim: $70.00 per month

Cheqbook - 50% off first year
Proprietor: $19.75 per month
Entrepreneur: $34.75 per month
Pro: $74.05 per month

Zoho Books: $24.95 per month

WaveApps: Free


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